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Professional repairs & refurbishing of plain, or extraordinary knives

Please, use this form to describe the knife repair you are seeking.
Have good, crisp pictures ready to be attached to my reply to this inquiry
Also do read All about the knife repairs so you know what you getting yourself into
Do look up the Repairs prices web page before submitting your inquiry.
You will need to enter this Startup Cost into the form

DO NOT proceed if:
Your knife is a piece of junk, or even expensive heirloom with itsy-bitsy imperfection which you would like to get fixed for cheap.
Do not inquire about repairing an illegal knife - any type of spring assisted knife like a switchblade, butterfly type, or WW-II gravity or spring knife.

Animated sword

Take a few good quality pictures of the knife, details of the damage etc. and attach to my reply.
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All Entries Require Input

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