Adhesive field tests

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In the construction of my knives, I use the adhesives to glue Vulcanized paper spacer material to stainless steel, to other layers of itself and to variety of handle materials.
I also glue the metal pins and thong hole tube to the handle material, use glue to bond together maple or ebony wood scabbards, and leather sheath.

In a handle assembly, the adhesive is spread on one surface, starting with the outside material (wood, micarta, rubber, polyester resin etc), than on top of each layer (usually 2 spacers of different colors).
Layers are pressed with fingers and than the whole thing is pressed together in the vise to squeeze the excess glue and trapped air bubbles out and make the layers flat.
When set and cut out to the contours of the tang, the scale than gets glued to the steel.

So far, some types of 5 minute syringe 2 part type epoxies and all cyanoacrylates accomplished the bond between the spacer and some handle materials, but not others.
Epoxies work extremely well with filling the void between the hidden tang and the hole in the block handle - all materials.
However - the slow setting time of epoxies sometimes allowed the layers to slip out of position while being squeezed in the vise. If not discovered before the epoxy sets, this sometimes results in the destruction of the scale. redone.

The cyanoacrylates worked excellently with the spacer to block work, but certain types were better than others for securing pins and blocks to stainless steel.

Whatever glue you use, it not only helps with the handle assembly, but also seals the handle, effectively preventing the moisture being trapped between the tang and the inside of the scale. The moisture causes rust to form, and as rust expands, it pries the scales of the knife usually destroying the handle.

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