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August 1/2022 Update:

Do not call my cell-phone for general inquiries. I will not call you back.
International calls are prohibitively expensive and I do not have that plan.

For the US customers, my S&H is by international mail from you through USPS to my temporary Canada Post mail box - no tracking past the US border, and no insurance.
The return shipping from me to you is by Canada Post - no tracking past the border and no insurance.
For me and my family in BC the travel to US is not happening until border restrictions are completely lifted on both sides.
I will open my shop on individual basis, depending on mutual email correspondence and nature of the repair.
My snail-mail now is a semi-permanent Canada Post Mobile trailer 8 miles round trip.
Picking up and sending your knife takes two round trips across the Faser River on the ferry, so I am not driving up/down to check mail every day.
The Bank is 180kmx2=360km in opposite direction to deposit your Canadian payment, and the US payment can not be cashed in Canada so has to be mailed to US bank.

Please do look/read the Knife repairs form, repair prices, payment options & shipping information.
Fill it up if you figure you can afford the payment and will actually go ahead with sending me the knife to refurbish.

To all my customers, past and future, I pray for your good health.
Take care, get vaccinated and stay safe, bless you all.

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